Thursday, February 24, 2011

Had to give a talk at some school

PTAwas all over my ass this week, especially since most of the mothers wanna get a peak of my jacked frame in the flesh, asking me to do some talk at the local school. They wanted a successfu; businessman like me to tell the kids what the **** to do if they wanna get rich n sh1t in life.

Usually i aint got time for sh1t like this but the court is all over my ass for wrecking the skull of some b1tch last month so its jail or this, either way they re wasting my ****ing time.

I rolled up at the school at 9am, got about 1000 faces at the windows, even the teachers are fighting to get a look. Principle comes running out, wouldnt stfu thanking me for coming, i was like "lets get this sh1t done",,I walk in and its some kinda kindergarten cop sh1t, i tower over these *******, everyone of them looked weak as sh1t, not a jacked fibra in sight. I start talking, telling these punks the kind sh1t i deal in running this town. Got a couple kids talking so i throw some di[ctionaries at their heads, didnt hear a sound after that. About 5 minutes in and thesr guys cant get enough, wanna hear how i burnt some rival club down with the ***** owner inside. TEachers laughing n sh1t hearing about me wreckin skulls every damn night, i got the kind of life these btches wished they had, not some boring assed teaching job. 

I finish up, got a standing ovation. I tell em they got one question and not to waste my ****ing time with anything stupid. ***** kids too scared to talk so the teacher asks me when im gonna run for mayor of this town, how they need a leader like mewho knows how to get sh1t done. im like "mayor aint sh1t to me, im gonna e running this ndamn country in 5 years"

Everyone starts clapping n cheering, so i give em a quick flex of my 18's, teacher damn near fainted, still had time to give me her number before i strutted the hell outta there. Kids r still clapping as i get to my car, and i speed off leaving em to choke in my fumes.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mangled some high school ******* in the park

Just another saturday for me son, counting the takings from my security company then spending a couple o hours jacking this frame the **** up.

Driving back from the gym, got my 18 hanging out the side, letting people know who the **** is crusing past in the Porsche when i get a call from Little T. Tells me to come by the park, crews there, couples of 10s, beer n sh1t is flowing, only thing missin is my strong assed self.Get there, only problem is aint no spaces in the car park so i smash some b1tches cheap ass civic window with a brick, take off the brake n rolled that sh1t outta the space into the street. Couple ******* saw me but didnt dare say sh1t, especially since im rockin a sleeveless shirt,

Meet uop with the crew in the park. Grab myself some beer outta the cooler and put some ice on my biceps. straight away girls r all over me trying to touch me n sh1t, telling me im the biggest guy they've ever seen. Wanna see how strong i am so i lift one up n start pressing her over my head, aint even breaking a sweat, shes enjoying it, gigglin n sh1t. The other one starts asking how many pull ups i can do. im like "sh1t, i bust out 200 for fun". About now crews all jealous n sh1t seein them all over me. Little T starts talking sh1t about doing 500 pull-ups, reckons he do em all day, so i tell him to man the **** up and show us what hes got.,

I flex up n Little T grabs holda my arm, starts doing pull ups off of my bicep, girls are going wild seeing this kinda sh1t. T's repping em out, done about 120 by now and hes struggling like a *****. Im like "sh1t son, that all you got", girls start laughing at his weak assed attempt as he slips and falls on the ground. Im about ready to wreck Little T upside the head for being such a b1tch when some football comes flyin in n hits one of the girls in the face. She starts crying n sh1t, her sniffling is annoying the **** outta me when some guy starts hollering from across the park, want their football back. Im thinking "hell no, somebodys about to get their sh1t mangled"

About now guy starts talking sh1t cause i still got his ball so i launch it like a polish missile 200 yards right into that b1tches face. Even from here i see blood n sh1t go flying. Caved his ****ing face in. His friends see him hit the ground n come running over. Staright away i smash one guy upside the head with a full beer can. He went down like a b1tch, probably brain damaged or sum sh1t cause he starts droolin n shaking. Crews going to work on the other guys, ******* aint putting up a fight, dont even have to try, knocking em out all over ther ****ing place. I pick one guy up and throw him 20ft into some bushes, heard some loud snap, musta broke his neck cause he didnt come out.

Mangled those *****s the **** up, left about a dozen guys on that field. Like some kinda warzone. Everyday sh1t to me though son.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm the new face of 'JACKED' supplments

So last saturday morning im in the gym, tearing up the 200lb dumbells and the gym manager comes over and starts giving me sh1t about snapping sum bars squating n sh1t. Hes like "those bars werent built to handle that kinda weight" so i tell him "your face wasnt built to handle my 18's" so he backs off like a ***** and goes back to his desk.

Im half way into my 5 hourr routine, musta had about half a ton over my head when some guy in a cheap assed suit comes over. His glasses damn near cracked seeing me shifting some serious pounds. Im like "what the **** u want son?" and hes all sorry n sh1t for bustin in on my session. He tells me hes from some huge ass company, they heard about me, how im serious sh1t in the muscle world, they had to send someone down to check on this polish revolution.

Hes all ike "we want you to back our new supplment" so i throw down the weights and tell him "go find a protein *****, im natural jacked" but hes all grinin n sh1t telling me their new blend is 100% prtoeins free, meant for professional athletes like me. Tells me hes got a quarter mil in his briefcase and a first class ticket to the labs to do some testing n sh1t, see if im on board.

Flew out to the lab thst night, some kind nasa sh1t, they got pictures of me all over the walls, studying my jacked frame, wanna know how my muscles work. Hook me up to sum machines, testing my strength, scene like right outta Rocky 4 except i aint no fake ass actor, .Went off the scale on every damn test, got f@gs in white coats running all over the place, alarms going off everywhere, musta blown the computers or sum sh1t, they aint built to calculate muscle this dense. One guys tries to xray my biceps, see how deep these diamond cuts go, problem is the ***** assed xrays cant pass through my fibras, turns out my body is like a piece of lead, theyaint never seen sh1t like this before,

ABout an hour later and they bring me some samples, got my face on the container, marketing knew my polska good looks will help shift a couple hundred million boxes of this sh1t. Comes in two flavors, vanilla and jack daniels. Im like "this sh1t work?" and the management starts laughing "hell, no, its just grounded up bones n sh1t, meant for *****s with weak ass genetics who cant grow muscles natural" Me n the directors hollering for a good 20 mins at the thought of those b1tches who buy this sh1t thinking they gonna get jacked. just a pay day to me though son.

Signed a couple hundred autographs for the directors n workers, got in a quick bicep workout then flew the **** home with another 2 mil.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I could do some serious damage in strongman

With my jacked up muscles and strong ass determination i could mess peoples sh1t up at world strongman. Serriously, when i shift my mind into workout mode you know some heavy ass weights are gonna be lifted, no pussied ass b1tches come close to my level of jackology in this town. 

Not only are my muscles big but they've got more layers of fibras n **** than other peoples. Just the other day my man J-Bomb thought he was cokcy sh1t since hes pretty damn jacked too put he aint got sh1t on me. We set up some weights in my backyard, topless in this weather, real man sh1t here son, no time for ***** assed health spas, i schooled his ass, should have seen his eyes, couldnyt believe the kinda sh21t i was lifting.

2 more months of lifting and im gona compete, im gonna blow these ******* away, sponsors all over my storong assed Polish self beggng me to advertise drinks n ****, you ever see a strongman with a sixpack like me??, hell no,. ill be a revolation, you'd best get ready for this son.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some fools tried to set me up

So im chilling in the garden, getting some sun on my strong assed self, bronzin up like a greek god or some sh1t when i get a call from Little T. Trusn out some ******* from outa town know about the kid of sh1t i deal in, money and beat downs, and wanted to arrange a little collection job on some b1tches who owed a couple of g.T's hollering about hes got a bad feeling about this sh1t but i aint worried, 

We suit up, all black, balaclavas n sh1t, T's into samurai swords, all kinda blades n sh1t, the rest of the crews rollin with our trademark pool ball n sock combo. Aint nothing else like crackin a skill with a pool ball in a sock, like some medieval sh1t swinging it around.

Told to collect the cash in a bar outa town, turn up and the place is dead, Ts all up in my face about some fbi setup or some sh1t but il like "chill the **** out, aint nobody crazy enough to try sh1t with me"

Go in throuhg the back door, lights out, im like a Polish stealth bomber, invisible and deadly. Crews checkin the back out, i go into the bar when the next thing i know some ***** has got a rope around my neck trying to choke me. Im thinking "hell no son, you gotta try harder than that."

A quick spin and were face t face, you could see him turn ***** there and then. Just a glimpse of me grinning is enough to make him start beggin for his life but i aint got time for that sh1t.. I inroduced him to my sock, start crackin bones n sh1t, deformed the **** outta him,. Mangled his ass.

crew dragged him out back and tied him to the back of thecar,. Dragged his ass 20 miles before cuttin him loose. Still smiling nowthinking of that that ***** rollin all over the road

Sunday, January 30, 2011

FBI all over my sh1t, jacked up bank account causing suspicion

Ever since my security company started running the doors in this town ive been depositing some serious sh1t into my bank account, the kinda money your b1tch assed dad makes in a year im shoving in the safe box twice a day. now the fbi is all over me, wanna know where the **** i got the cash from.

starst out im working out this morning, up at 5am for a serious hard ass workout , the 10 i picked up last night is keeping the bed warm but i aint got time for that, gotta get jacked. Got the whole strongman set up., some 20ft stone pillars for lifting n sh1t, must weigh a coupe tons, 500lb rocks, couple of cars racked up to a bar for some vein bustin deadlifting, the kinda sh1t that builds giants like me.

Was curling some serious sh1t, biceps burning like a corpse when i heard a bang down stairs. turns out it was a raid by the ****ing fbi. Couple of guys burst in the room, i bust one upside the head with a 100lb dumbell, i threw the other guy out the damn window, heard him hit the ground like a sack o sh1t.

Room fills up with ******* in bodyarmour, im throwing 50lbs plates, knocking guys out all over the place, bodyarmour aint sh1t to a 50lb plate thrown by a couple of 18's. Musta been 50 guys in the room, gettinhit by batons, tazers n sh1t, got a half a gallon of pepper spray in my eyes, still crackin skulls. Eventually hese b1tches jump me and cuff me up, had to use 3 pairs of cuffs to keep my strong assed arms under control othrwise id have torn sh1t up.

Took me in and tried to gril me for 4 hrs , didnt even crack a bead of sweat, i should be working for Polish secret service, cant get sh1t outta me, im sat with a grin the whole time knowin my dads lawyer is on his way. For $1000/hr you know im getting the **** outta there within 5 minutes.

Now im here suppin some fine ass scotch knowing those fbi b1tches must be slitting their damn throats, so close to putting the ****ing kig of this town behind bars but couldnt finish the job.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Been in Europe drinking n sh1t

My dad wantd me to go to europe with him on business, first class n sh1t, couldnt fit this frame in no economy seat neway. told the crew to handle sh1t until im back, ******* in this town musta thought it was christmas with me not there.

Chilled the **** out on the flight there, landed and told my dad id see him in 2 weeks. He was like "wtf" and i told him to wipe that look of his face, took his wallet, 2 platinum cards n ****, then i was outa there.

***** eurof@gs couldnt get enough of my strng assed self as i strutted down some rue, sat my self down at a bar and ordered some strong beer, no bud light sh1t here son, and a couple o jacks to wash it down. Getting a nice buzz when some girl comes up and starst talking some language. i give her the universal look of stfu and shes all over my sh1t. I see her ***** boyfriend in the corner, he knows id put him down if he tried sh1t so he sneaks out like a b1tch.

im enjoying the view of this frnehc 10 grinded on my lap giggling n sh1t, some crazy assed look in her eyes, i order another couple of beers and tell the barman to leave 2 bottles of jack on the side. Im chillin when i hear some german f@g talkingacross the bar, im like "wait here", roll up my sleevs to my 18's and get up to go over. This guy sees me coming over and he knew he was in trouble. Before he had a chance to speak i smashed a beer bottle in his facethen slammed him into the bar top. KO,. "Polska power *****, cant inavde this son"

Me n the french 10 leave, shes all hot n sh1t seeing me wreck someone upside the head. Im like " time for you to get the Pole"

Friday, January 28, 2011

Im so very, very angry

Get up this morning and Litytle T is on the phone, turns out some b1tches burnt out the club, crew is arming up, some sh1t is gonna go down tonight. We rekon some pussied assed bouncwrs we beat outta town decided to get even so now we gotta remove their skulls through their anuses like trhey did back in Polska.

Right now im buzzin on a bottle of jack to calm me down otherwise id be tearing sh1t up. My dad is back from europe and that b1tch gets in my face too often, i reckon he needs a balaclava beatdown when he goes out tonight.No witnesses. Rattle sum sh1t up.

Im about ready to bust this town up, sh1ts been going off everywhere, pussied assed b1tcfhes think im getting soft or sum sh1t. Time to start cracking some skulls and reminding people we run sh1t in this place.

Just last night im fiullin up ythe Benz and these clowns drive by hollering sum **** so i jump in and drive after them, musta been going 155mph cause im flooring it, these ******* r running scared cause they know they are in trouble and due a whoopn. Good thing is they went right into a pole at 80mph, driver went through the widscreen. DOA. one less due a beating,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cops bust my party

Me n my crew decided to get our party on this weekend since my dad was leaving for a week to go to Europe on business (he runs his own company which is pretty cool n **** since he stays the **** outta my face most days and buys me loadsa ****)

We thought we'd meet up at the lake Friday, set up a camp and party until Sat morning, invited the whole crew and a **** load of girls from the local town, musta been 10/1 ratio of girls to guys, pretty tight.

Anyway, musta been about 1am cause id downed about 8 beers and half a bottle of jack when i heard my man T hollering about some **** and i look up and see a riot van coming round the bend lights on sirens n ****.

Im like "hell no" and throw the girl off my lap and huddle up with my crew, we was gonna run since we under age but since we run **** in this town we thought we aint running nowhere and stood our ground.

The cops had the time of their life bustin the towns most hated crew, they musta been following me since i run **** in my town, some fbi or **** on my tail i bet. Any other time and we'd bust them pigs heads but i aint spending more time in lockup.

Anyway my dad flew down his lawyer and got me outta the station before breakfast.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Check out and Follow My NEW Blog!

Starting a new blog called "Look & LOL"

Will be updating it with the most recent lulz on the web every day.

Sub it bro

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you sell your genes

My genes are pretty tight n all cause im jacked up so young imma thinking all them jealous peeps out there might wanna a piece of what ive got to offer.

Im thinkin i could sell my genes n **** to some medical place so they could give other people what i got.

Its better than getting implants plus its safer cause its natural.

How much could i get do you think cause i watched one tv show and this guy done sold his kidney on ebay and made plenty of $$$.

Monday, January 24, 2011

People are such ******* these days

Seriously i start sh1t with almost everyone i meet for sh1ts n giggles and theydont do **** but bow down at my feet. I may as well rub my boots on their back like a human doormat.

Aint nobvody answering back to mne, some punk assed b1tches were talking sh1t one time at the movies, wouldnt shut the hell up, so i walked on down and smashed my bottle of beer on head of sum soccerl playing f@g. My crew was hollering and laughing n ****, ******* ran outta threre, probably waiting for their broke ass dads to pick them up in their domestic POS, meanwhile i cruise outta there in my 100 grand Porsche.

I aint paid for sh1t since i was 11. I take what i like,
they'll probabl start printing my face on the money in this town soon.

Sh1t son, i remeber one timne when i was on vacation this weak assed ****er tried to stop me buying a bottle o Jack claiming i was under 21., Im like "wtf son, you think some punk ass teenager rocks 17 inches of bicep?" then he starts yapping some sh1t so i took my gucci belt off there and then and whooped his ass. 2 bottles of Jack on the house. Damn right son.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Expect to see my face in magazines n sh1t

The other week im in the club sitting at the bar keeping sh1t under control when this guy comes upto me saying i look hot. Im about ready to bust his skull with the iron bar i keep in my jacket when he gave me his card. im like "**** no" but then he starts on about how he aiunt seen sh1t like me in his whole career. Normally its just prettyy boy twigs but he said he was liking the strong ass Polish flavor i was dishing up to the crowds.

Went down to his studio, receptionist 10 is all over me n sh1t, i tell her im there to see this guy and shes like "sorry, this shoot's for teens, mens shoot ius tomorrow" in my head im thinking "damn right, 18 inches son" but i give her a flash of the ivories and tell her who i am. I left her shpocked ass face eyeing me up as i struted into the studio.

Fashion queers are all over me, throwing Armani and Gucci sh1t all over my jacked frame, the frame this sh1t was made for. "Better get the XXXL" one guy says while the other is eyeing me up like im the catch of the day. i ask him if he likes his brain inside his skull and he runs off to a rail like the b1tch he is.

Throw on a leather jacket, damn near tore the sleeve trying to squeeze in my jacked up biceps, pussy assed photographer almost had a heart attack when i started posing. Had top use the wide lens to get me all in one shot. Didnt need makeup n sh1t, classic strong ass good looks girls go widl for and men wish they had.

Guys aer coming in from every room, checkin this sh1t out. Im hearing "de niro meets schwarzenegger" this kid is red h0t", "i hope they are ready for this" and "damn!, hes too jacked for mainstream" all the while im thinking "hell yeah son"

ABout an hour later and im done, musta be about 100 people in the room now, getting the eye from about 20 different girls, theyve got me on the back of a Harley, wearing a wifebeater, badboy sh1t. Get up to leave and im like "im keeping this bike", one pussy assed guy trties to talk sh1t but the others tell him to stfu cause they know the kinda sh1t i mangle on the streets.

Ill be up inside the cover of every major fashion amagzine soon, another quarter mil in the bank, aint sh1t to me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Got jumped tonight

So tonight i was walking back from my mans T house when i decided to take a shortcut through the park.

Most peeps stay the **** outta the park after dark but the ******* in my town wouldnt try **** with me so i stroll through shoulders out head high biceps flexed.

Neway im coming up to this gang of about 6 guys and thry try and stare me down so im like "**** this ****" and keep my eyes fixed on the main guy and bein the ***** he is he backs down and starts fiddling with his shoes.

About 200 yards later the path narrowed and theres no lighting but im chilled out since im still buzzed from the half a bottle o jack that i supped down an hour before.

Thats when i hear someone behind me and before i even turn artound i feel a cold pain in my head, 2 more of these and im down to protect myself.

About 3 of these punks from before are going at me with 2 bats and their feet. I curl up like a fetus to conserve energy knwing sooner or later these guys are gonna bat themselves out.

No sooner had they started that they stopped and thats when i jumped to my feet, them ***** ass punks couldnt believe their eyes, im thinking to myself "you shouldnt ****ed with my Polish ass"

Thats when i booted some guys knee cap bustin it up n ****, then grab his bat and smash it over another guys head breaking the bat clean in two. Blood and **** went flyin like sum kinda movie ****.

The other guy runs off and i shout "you'd best run homes"

This guy is running scared now, i run **** in this town, he aint got nowhere tpo hide, im gonna bust his ass and dump him on the city limits.

Sore as **** this morning but still got a heavy bicep workout in, these 17's dont jack themselves up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

To Everyone Checking Out My Blog

This blog is gonna be funny as fukk, with a lot of 17 inch biceps cut like diamonds fukking sh1t up.

Comment and follow on my posts and blog and I will hit you back.

Also a suggestion to anyone who is annoyed with opening up all the blog.  I just save all the blogs I am following when I quit firefox (there is an option to "Save and Quit") so when I boot up my Firefox all the blogs I am following automatically pop up and I just comment on all of them in order that they are tabbed.

Thanks for following!

Rockin a 200+ IQ, some kinda Steven Hawking sh1t

Just got done taking an IQ test, turns out my brain is pretty damn jacked with intelligence n sh1t. Aint no one got an IQ like me, the same genes that regulate my muscles geting swoled up musta leaked into my brain or some sh1t cause im getting smarter every damn day.

I always knew my brain was jacked, aalways coming up with crazy assed plans,. You dont become top dog just crackin skulls, gotta work the people, mould their minds with yours, subconcious sh1t. Police got a hundred criminologists all over me, profiling n sh1t, trying to get inside my head, im a damn criminal mastermind. they aint gonna work out sh1t, im alway fifty steps ahead. Hell, im a puppetmaster and i got the whole ***** assed police force on soem strings son. Making em dance like b1tches

Dont even gotta to read books for me to learn stuff either, i jsut know it. At school teachers were filling my head with sh1t about being the next einstein, took me to some college knowledge contest. Me versus the 10 best students they had to offer. I schooled their b1tch *****, shoulda seen their bfaces, they couldnt believe the kinds sh1t i was coming out with, like a walking encyclopedia with 17's. College gave me an honorary Phd there and then, begged me to teach there, couldnt afford my ***.

Probably get my genius self on some game show, like jeopardy or some sh1t, blow their ****ing minds with my 200 IQ's, earn a couple million. Probably make host what with my strong assed Polish good looks, be the countrys number one show.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adventures of Mr. Angry Part 4

Dad Wouldnt shut the **** up so I threw him outta the window

So last night im chillin with the crew, decide to check out some new bar in town, some kinda redneck sh1t, ugly assed f@gs wearing leather waistcoats n sh1t. spend more on a silk tie than these b1tches spent on their rusty assed trucks.

Walk in, got every guys eyes on me, im infamous around here son. Get a table and order in some beers, on the house of course. Notice some guys across the room hollering about some sh1t so i walk over, turns out some local pussy is arm wrestling for cash, thinsk he hot sh1t, $10 a go. I lay down $1,000, and take a seat. Grip up and my arm damn near blocked out the sunlight, eclipsed his ass. I gave him a couple seconds to feel like a big man, highlight of his pathetic life, thinking hes got a chance with my strong assed self, next thing he knows SLAM bust his arm down, snapped his wrist in two, he starts screamin n sh1t, ruining my buzz so i knock him the **** out with a chair and order some more beers.

Me n the crew go back to my house, sippin some premium brew in my room, got some loud ass music on, next thing i know my dads banging at tht door, shouting some sh1t. Open the door and he starts gettin in my face about the music, telling me to shut the hell up. My pussy dad is aways trying sh1t with me tryin to look like a big man in front of my crew. Im about ready to knock him out, crews on my back telling me to wreck his skull so i grab him in a headlock and start running round the room. Crews hollering n sh1t seein his weak assed legs wiggling like a b1tch, hes whining like a pussy to let him go but i got his neck locked up in my polska grip and this b1tch aint going nowhere. 

Swinging him around slammin his ass into walls n sh1t but hes still actin like a ****ing b1tch., wont shut the hell up so i think "**** this sh1t" and throw his ass right outta the window. About now crews on the floor laughing seeing my pussy dad go flyin head first. Hear him hit the dirt like a sack o sh1t so had a llook out the window and see him on the floor,, He aint moving so we throw some beer cans at his head n he starts crawling to the door moaning n sh1t. 

Havent seen his ass since, ducked me at breakfast. B1tch had it coming, he wont try sh1t again. Im the man of ths house son.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adventures of Mr. Angry Pt. 3

Angry Got jumped last night

So last night i was walking back from my mans T house when i decided to take a shortcut through the park.

Most peeps stay the **** outta the park after dark but the pussies in my town wouldnt try **** with me so i stroll through shoulders out head high biceps flexed.

Neway im coming up to this gang of about 6 guys and thry try and stare me down so im like "**** this ****" and keep my eyes fixed on the main guy and bein the pussy he is he backs down and starts fiddling with his shoes.

About 200 yards later the path narrowed and theres no lighting but im chilled out since im still buzzed from the half a bottle o jack that i supped down an hour before.

Thats when i hear someone behind me and before i even turn artound i feel a cold pain in my head, 2 more of these and im down to protect myself.

About 3 of these punks from before are going at me with 2 bats and their feet. I curl up like a fetus to conserve energy knwing sooner or later these guys are gonna bat themselves out.

No sooner had they started that they stopped and thats when i jumped to my feet, them pussy ass punks couldnt believe their eyes, im thinking to myself "you shouldnt ****ed with my Polish ass"

Thats when i booted some guys knee cap bustin it up n ****, then grab his bat and smash it over another guys head breaking the bat clean in two. Blood and **** went flyin like sum kinda movie ****.

The other guy runs off and i shout "you'd best run homes"

This guy is running scared now, i run **** in this town, he aint got nowhere tpo hide, im gonna bust his ass and dump him on the city limits.

Sore as **** this morning but still got a heavy bicep workout in, these 17's dont jack themselves up.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Chronicles of Mr. Angry Pt. 2

Angry Had a good weekend

Started off Friday night, went through my phone and phoned up 30 girls to meet down at the lake while me and thye crew scored some drink n ****. Cocky ass cashier tried to start **** wanting ID so i gave him the "**** son, you're in trouble" stare and he backed down like the sissy he is and we helped ourselves to some extra jack n'**** on the house.

Bout 2 hrs later ive got this 10 grinding up against my italian suited Polish self buzzing n **** thanks to the 8 beers i sunk when my crew starts hollering about some **** going down in town. My man Jo got jumped in a club so we rallyed up, grabbed some bats n **** and drove into town to handle some business. By the time we gfet to town Jo is laying on the ground, musta had half his brain hanging out, blood n**** everywhere so we were like "**** this, somebodies gonna get killed tonight"

We spot these guys pulled up at a McDonalds so we drive up and block them in the jump out. These guys had nowhere to run, i smashed their windscreen and jumped on the hood. Rolled up my sleeves ready for **** to go down. Them pussys recognised me staright away since i run **** in this town, they knew they were in trouble.

We dragged them outta their car and bust their **** up. I got one guy and smashed both his ankles with my bat. Almost took his foot clean off. Shoulda too, i could have kept it as a momento. McDonalds manger sees us wrecking **** up and so he gets al up in my face "get the **** ouytta here ive called the Police"

soi bust his head with a quick jab, my 17's pack a serious punch

out cold. didnt have a wallet but we took his keys to the store, probably rob some **** next week.

We took their car keys and drove off in convoy. dumped their car at the lake and burnt the **** out of it, them guys are in for a surprise when they get outta the hospital.

I run **** in this town.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forgot to make an intro blog entry

I will created this blog to introduce the likes of Mr. Angry, Dr. Swole, and Victorian Guy to people who have not heard their breathtaking tales.


The Adventures of Mr. Angry Pt. 1

Angry **** went down at the club last night, jacked fibras saved my life

So last night me n the crew r scanning the club, we run securtity on every door in town, ran the old pussies outta town, aint seem em since. had the usuial drunk assed preppy f@gs from the local college, simple choke hold, knee, punch and they are down then we throw them into a dumpster ion the alleyway, one night we puyt 8 guys in it at once, squashed em in like tuna in a can.

im working the door, crowds are lovin it, seeing me, im a damn celebrity oin this town, im like "chill the **** out" but these guys are shoving n **** trying to get a glipse of my strong assed self especially since im rockin a fine italian suit, really shows off my frame,m

Peoiple r texting each other n ****, soon musta been 1000 outside the club taking pictures begging to get in, guys start shoving some girlsz and the crews like "**** this" and jump in, start nailing people uypside the head, i break out the bats we keep behind the door, cracking skulls all over the ****ing place. women love this ****, im top dog and they cant get enough of me whoopin ass,, im givin them a glimpse of my strong ass face inbetween swings of the blood soaked bat, its like a damn photo shoot.

next thing i know some pussy draws a gun, little T makes a grab and gets hit, good thing the crew wear vests, i dont, i aint got time for that pussy ****, so i go for the guy with a "son, somebody about to get their **** messed up" look on my face i see a flash but dont feel **** since im jacked up with adrenaline, i tackle this guy and the crew goes to work on his skull while i kick his gun down a drain. crowds gone ****ing wild,

Crew locks down the club and calls a doc, girls r all over me crying n ****, im like "i aint got time to bleed" and sip some $1000 champage with a **** eating grin opn my face, when the docs turn up they couldnt believe their ****ing eyes, turns out my jacked up muscle fibras stopped that 9 in its tracks, like organic body armor or some ****, a normal pussied ass guy wouldnt hit the bricks and died, a bullet aint sah1t to 220lbs of coiuled up fibras, you dont gotta be a scientist to knopw that.