Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I could do some serious damage in strongman

With my jacked up muscles and strong ass determination i could mess peoples sh1t up at world strongman. Serriously, when i shift my mind into workout mode you know some heavy ass weights are gonna be lifted, no pussied ass b1tches come close to my level of jackology in this town. 

Not only are my muscles big but they've got more layers of fibras n **** than other peoples. Just the other day my man J-Bomb thought he was cokcy sh1t since hes pretty damn jacked too put he aint got sh1t on me. We set up some weights in my backyard, topless in this weather, real man sh1t here son, no time for ***** assed health spas, i schooled his ass, should have seen his eyes, couldnyt believe the kinda sh21t i was lifting.

2 more months of lifting and im gona compete, im gonna blow these ******* away, sponsors all over my storong assed Polish self beggng me to advertise drinks n ****, you ever see a strongman with a sixpack like me??, hell no,. ill be a revolation, you'd best get ready for this son.


  1. lol good luck man haha

  2. show them how its done!

    your friend,

  3. Dude. Own that shit.

    Supporting as always!