Thursday, February 24, 2011

Had to give a talk at some school

PTAwas all over my ass this week, especially since most of the mothers wanna get a peak of my jacked frame in the flesh, asking me to do some talk at the local school. They wanted a successfu; businessman like me to tell the kids what the **** to do if they wanna get rich n sh1t in life.

Usually i aint got time for sh1t like this but the court is all over my ass for wrecking the skull of some b1tch last month so its jail or this, either way they re wasting my ****ing time.

I rolled up at the school at 9am, got about 1000 faces at the windows, even the teachers are fighting to get a look. Principle comes running out, wouldnt stfu thanking me for coming, i was like "lets get this sh1t done",,I walk in and its some kinda kindergarten cop sh1t, i tower over these *******, everyone of them looked weak as sh1t, not a jacked fibra in sight. I start talking, telling these punks the kind sh1t i deal in running this town. Got a couple kids talking so i throw some di[ctionaries at their heads, didnt hear a sound after that. About 5 minutes in and thesr guys cant get enough, wanna hear how i burnt some rival club down with the ***** owner inside. TEachers laughing n sh1t hearing about me wreckin skulls every damn night, i got the kind of life these btches wished they had, not some boring assed teaching job. 

I finish up, got a standing ovation. I tell em they got one question and not to waste my ****ing time with anything stupid. ***** kids too scared to talk so the teacher asks me when im gonna run for mayor of this town, how they need a leader like mewho knows how to get sh1t done. im like "mayor aint sh1t to me, im gonna e running this ndamn country in 5 years"

Everyone starts clapping n cheering, so i give em a quick flex of my 18's, teacher damn near fainted, still had time to give me her number before i strutted the hell outta there. Kids r still clapping as i get to my car, and i speed off leaving em to choke in my fumes.


  1. cool story bro! :D

  2. looks like it could be some strong copy pasta material.