Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some fools tried to set me up

So im chilling in the garden, getting some sun on my strong assed self, bronzin up like a greek god or some sh1t when i get a call from Little T. Trusn out some ******* from outa town know about the kid of sh1t i deal in, money and beat downs, and wanted to arrange a little collection job on some b1tches who owed a couple of g.T's hollering about hes got a bad feeling about this sh1t but i aint worried, 

We suit up, all black, balaclavas n sh1t, T's into samurai swords, all kinda blades n sh1t, the rest of the crews rollin with our trademark pool ball n sock combo. Aint nothing else like crackin a skill with a pool ball in a sock, like some medieval sh1t swinging it around.

Told to collect the cash in a bar outa town, turn up and the place is dead, Ts all up in my face about some fbi setup or some sh1t but il like "chill the **** out, aint nobody crazy enough to try sh1t with me"

Go in throuhg the back door, lights out, im like a Polish stealth bomber, invisible and deadly. Crews checkin the back out, i go into the bar when the next thing i know some ***** has got a rope around my neck trying to choke me. Im thinking "hell no son, you gotta try harder than that."

A quick spin and were face t face, you could see him turn ***** there and then. Just a glimpse of me grinning is enough to make him start beggin for his life but i aint got time for that sh1t.. I inroduced him to my sock, start crackin bones n sh1t, deformed the **** outta him,. Mangled his ass.

crew dragged him out back and tied him to the back of thecar,. Dragged his ass 20 miles before cuttin him loose. Still smiling nowthinking of that that ***** rollin all over the road


  1. Mr. Angry can handle himself just fine on the streets

  2. but at what cost?


  3. I am confused as to what happened. This article was sort of hard to read.

  4. lol balaclavas n shit