Sunday, January 30, 2011

FBI all over my sh1t, jacked up bank account causing suspicion

Ever since my security company started running the doors in this town ive been depositing some serious sh1t into my bank account, the kinda money your b1tch assed dad makes in a year im shoving in the safe box twice a day. now the fbi is all over me, wanna know where the **** i got the cash from.

starst out im working out this morning, up at 5am for a serious hard ass workout , the 10 i picked up last night is keeping the bed warm but i aint got time for that, gotta get jacked. Got the whole strongman set up., some 20ft stone pillars for lifting n sh1t, must weigh a coupe tons, 500lb rocks, couple of cars racked up to a bar for some vein bustin deadlifting, the kinda sh1t that builds giants like me.

Was curling some serious sh1t, biceps burning like a corpse when i heard a bang down stairs. turns out it was a raid by the ****ing fbi. Couple of guys burst in the room, i bust one upside the head with a 100lb dumbell, i threw the other guy out the damn window, heard him hit the ground like a sack o sh1t.

Room fills up with ******* in bodyarmour, im throwing 50lbs plates, knocking guys out all over the place, bodyarmour aint sh1t to a 50lb plate thrown by a couple of 18's. Musta been 50 guys in the room, gettinhit by batons, tazers n sh1t, got a half a gallon of pepper spray in my eyes, still crackin skulls. Eventually hese b1tches jump me and cuff me up, had to use 3 pairs of cuffs to keep my strong assed arms under control othrwise id have torn sh1t up.

Took me in and tried to gril me for 4 hrs , didnt even crack a bead of sweat, i should be working for Polish secret service, cant get sh1t outta me, im sat with a grin the whole time knowin my dads lawyer is on his way. For $1000/hr you know im getting the **** outta there within 5 minutes.

Now im here suppin some fine ass scotch knowing those fbi b1tches must be slitting their damn throats, so close to putting the ****ing kig of this town behind bars but couldnt finish the job.


  1. This is the beef haters want you to deal with when you are ballin` and stylin` out of control

  2. lol love these stories

    your friend,