Friday, January 21, 2011

Got jumped tonight

So tonight i was walking back from my mans T house when i decided to take a shortcut through the park.

Most peeps stay the **** outta the park after dark but the ******* in my town wouldnt try **** with me so i stroll through shoulders out head high biceps flexed.

Neway im coming up to this gang of about 6 guys and thry try and stare me down so im like "**** this ****" and keep my eyes fixed on the main guy and bein the ***** he is he backs down and starts fiddling with his shoes.

About 200 yards later the path narrowed and theres no lighting but im chilled out since im still buzzed from the half a bottle o jack that i supped down an hour before.

Thats when i hear someone behind me and before i even turn artound i feel a cold pain in my head, 2 more of these and im down to protect myself.

About 3 of these punks from before are going at me with 2 bats and their feet. I curl up like a fetus to conserve energy knwing sooner or later these guys are gonna bat themselves out.

No sooner had they started that they stopped and thats when i jumped to my feet, them ***** ass punks couldnt believe their eyes, im thinking to myself "you shouldnt ****ed with my Polish ass"

Thats when i booted some guys knee cap bustin it up n ****, then grab his bat and smash it over another guys head breaking the bat clean in two. Blood and **** went flyin like sum kinda movie ****.

The other guy runs off and i shout "you'd best run homes"

This guy is running scared now, i run **** in this town, he aint got nowhere tpo hide, im gonna bust his ass and dump him on the city limits.

Sore as **** this morning but still got a heavy bicep workout in, these 17's dont jack themselves up.


  1. cool story, man, I prefer packing heat, gives me great peace of mind.

  2. cool story bro!

    your friend,

  3. Why would anyone mess with jacked fibras like yourself??

  4. lulz..come at me bro

  5. Oh god, I lol'd. Following and supporting. Hit me back!