Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can you sell your genes

My genes are pretty tight n all cause im jacked up so young imma thinking all them jealous peeps out there might wanna a piece of what ive got to offer.

Im thinkin i could sell my genes n **** to some medical place so they could give other people what i got.

Its better than getting implants plus its safer cause its natural.

How much could i get do you think cause i watched one tv show and this guy done sold his kidney on ebay and made plenty of $$$.


  1. Don't think you can sell genes, but u can make DNA donations :)

  2. ofc u can sell ur jeans :)
    btw nice abs

  3. u could make about tree fiddy


  4. Interesting concept, but I can see how a kidney would be worth much more than a strand of hair, even with permission to regenerate your DNA to other people...

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