Sunday, January 23, 2011

Expect to see my face in magazines n sh1t

The other week im in the club sitting at the bar keeping sh1t under control when this guy comes upto me saying i look hot. Im about ready to bust his skull with the iron bar i keep in my jacket when he gave me his card. im like "**** no" but then he starts on about how he aiunt seen sh1t like me in his whole career. Normally its just prettyy boy twigs but he said he was liking the strong ass Polish flavor i was dishing up to the crowds.

Went down to his studio, receptionist 10 is all over me n sh1t, i tell her im there to see this guy and shes like "sorry, this shoot's for teens, mens shoot ius tomorrow" in my head im thinking "damn right, 18 inches son" but i give her a flash of the ivories and tell her who i am. I left her shpocked ass face eyeing me up as i struted into the studio.

Fashion queers are all over me, throwing Armani and Gucci sh1t all over my jacked frame, the frame this sh1t was made for. "Better get the XXXL" one guy says while the other is eyeing me up like im the catch of the day. i ask him if he likes his brain inside his skull and he runs off to a rail like the b1tch he is.

Throw on a leather jacket, damn near tore the sleeve trying to squeeze in my jacked up biceps, pussy assed photographer almost had a heart attack when i started posing. Had top use the wide lens to get me all in one shot. Didnt need makeup n sh1t, classic strong ass good looks girls go widl for and men wish they had.

Guys aer coming in from every room, checkin this sh1t out. Im hearing "de niro meets schwarzenegger" this kid is red h0t", "i hope they are ready for this" and "damn!, hes too jacked for mainstream" all the while im thinking "hell yeah son"

ABout an hour later and im done, musta be about 100 people in the room now, getting the eye from about 20 different girls, theyve got me on the back of a Harley, wearing a wifebeater, badboy sh1t. Get up to leave and im like "im keeping this bike", one pussy assed guy trties to talk sh1t but the others tell him to stfu cause they know the kinda sh1t i mangle on the streets.

Ill be up inside the cover of every major fashion amagzine soon, another quarter mil in the bank, aint sh1t to me.


  1. lol wat

  2. Just don't bend over in the changing room.

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  5. lold

  6. lol where on earth you come up with this stuff

  7. What.. just happened? hahaha

  8. feels like a trip man

  9. rofl so u do modelin? thats mad

  10. Enjoy fame and success

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