Monday, January 24, 2011

People are such ******* these days

Seriously i start sh1t with almost everyone i meet for sh1ts n giggles and theydont do **** but bow down at my feet. I may as well rub my boots on their back like a human doormat.

Aint nobvody answering back to mne, some punk assed b1tches were talking sh1t one time at the movies, wouldnt shut the hell up, so i walked on down and smashed my bottle of beer on head of sum soccerl playing f@g. My crew was hollering and laughing n ****, ******* ran outta threre, probably waiting for their broke ass dads to pick them up in their domestic POS, meanwhile i cruise outta there in my 100 grand Porsche.

I aint paid for sh1t since i was 11. I take what i like,
they'll probabl start printing my face on the money in this town soon.

Sh1t son, i remeber one timne when i was on vacation this weak assed ****er tried to stop me buying a bottle o Jack claiming i was under 21., Im like "wtf son, you think some punk ass teenager rocks 17 inches of bicep?" then he starts yapping some sh1t so i took my gucci belt off there and then and whooped his ass. 2 bottles of Jack on the house. Damn right son.


  1. lulz cool starry bra

  2. Followed. Feel free to delete this.

  3. When you have 17 inch biceps, you can afford to be an asshole.

  4. lol there is no one that will lose to you huh?

  5. Hahahaha, pretty cool mannnn