Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cops bust my party

Me n my crew decided to get our party on this weekend since my dad was leaving for a week to go to Europe on business (he runs his own company which is pretty cool n **** since he stays the **** outta my face most days and buys me loadsa ****)

We thought we'd meet up at the lake Friday, set up a camp and party until Sat morning, invited the whole crew and a **** load of girls from the local town, musta been 10/1 ratio of girls to guys, pretty tight.

Anyway, musta been about 1am cause id downed about 8 beers and half a bottle of jack when i heard my man T hollering about some **** and i look up and see a riot van coming round the bend lights on sirens n ****.

Im like "hell no" and throw the girl off my lap and huddle up with my crew, we was gonna run since we under age but since we run **** in this town we thought we aint running nowhere and stood our ground.

The cops had the time of their life bustin the towns most hated crew, they musta been following me since i run **** in my town, some fbi or **** on my tail i bet. Any other time and we'd bust them pigs heads but i aint spending more time in lockup.

Anyway my dad flew down his lawyer and got me outta the station before breakfast.