Saturday, January 29, 2011

Been in Europe drinking n sh1t

My dad wantd me to go to europe with him on business, first class n sh1t, couldnt fit this frame in no economy seat neway. told the crew to handle sh1t until im back, ******* in this town musta thought it was christmas with me not there.

Chilled the **** out on the flight there, landed and told my dad id see him in 2 weeks. He was like "wtf" and i told him to wipe that look of his face, took his wallet, 2 platinum cards n ****, then i was outa there.

***** eurof@gs couldnt get enough of my strng assed self as i strutted down some rue, sat my self down at a bar and ordered some strong beer, no bud light sh1t here son, and a couple o jacks to wash it down. Getting a nice buzz when some girl comes up and starst talking some language. i give her the universal look of stfu and shes all over my sh1t. I see her ***** boyfriend in the corner, he knows id put him down if he tried sh1t so he sneaks out like a b1tch.

im enjoying the view of this frnehc 10 grinded on my lap giggling n sh1t, some crazy assed look in her eyes, i order another couple of beers and tell the barman to leave 2 bottles of jack on the side. Im chillin when i hear some german f@g talkingacross the bar, im like "wait here", roll up my sleevs to my 18's and get up to go over. This guy sees me coming over and he knew he was in trouble. Before he had a chance to speak i smashed a beer bottle in his facethen slammed him into the bar top. KO,. "Polska power *****, cant inavde this son"

Me n the french 10 leave, shes all hot n sh1t seeing me wreck someone upside the head. Im like " time for you to get the Pole"


  1. Had a hard time reading this, was very confused.


    edit: I think I figured it out.

  2. Good blog, following.

  3. csb

    your friend,

  4. lol wut lol wut (updated) :D